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Striking points to happiness with the B2C "Family & Friends" customer card concept

Family & Friends loyalty card concept

Clothes make people. This is a well-known German proverb. Clothes play a big role in our society. The Hermann Hagemeyer fashion houses offer fashion articles of various brands, luxury fashion, sportswear, baby and children's clothing - the three fashion houses in Minden, Stadthagen and Oeynhausen not only offer fashion for the whole family, but also an extensive shopping experience and gastronomic delicacies. In order to increase and deepen this experience among customers and families, the company relies on the "Family & Friends" customer card concept. The project is realized in cooperation with All About Cards.

Elements of the concept

A high-quality, coordinated mailing from personalized cover letter & customer cards, program description, integrated vouchers and envelope was produced. The vouchers underline the family concept of the program and allow multiple or extra points when shopping. The loyalty cards have an elegant dark layout with matt lamination and glitter powder finish. This high-quality appearance is underlined by a different personalization of the front and back. Thus, the name of the cardholder is personalized in silver on the front. On the back are card number and barcode in black. The customer can use number and barcode to inquire the point balance as well as simply update his points.

Extensive bonus program included

The Hagemeyer project is a fine example of a multi-part loyalty card program that offers a comprehensive customer loyalty program.


"With All About Cards we were able to intensify customer loyalty with a customer card. The cooperation was very good and the Hagemeyer team would like to thank All About Cards."

Iris Westermann, Head of CRM, Hermann Hagemeyer GmbH & Co. KG


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