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Honourary cards for Bavaria

For volunteering people in Bavaria, awards must be secondary, but they do gain public recognition frequently. In order to grant a stronger presence to the honourary office, the Bavarian State Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family and Women set up the honourary card in 2011.

The independent cities and communes of Bavaria give the card to people, who have been volunteering for a minimum of two years, at an average of five hours per week, respectively 250 hours per year. The card is valid in whole Bavaria and pays off literally: depending on the county, the card holder gets various discounts, like discounted tickets at national museums or state collections, at castles of the Bavarian Department of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes, as well as at Sea Life Munich. Besides, the honourary card is also supported by Audi and the BMW Group.

A Bavarian project to the core

All About Cards, based in Passau, produces the honourary cards, therefore, the honourary card is a Bavarian project to the core. In both types, each card has a homogeneous front side and the respective county or city arms, as well as the name of the town or county on the back side.

The personalization of the cards, with the names of the volunteers for the particular county or town, is also done by All About Cards.

While the blue card is only valid for three years, the golden one is valid for an indefinite period. Owners of the Prime Minister’s Medal, as well as active members of the voluntary fire brigade, who have been awarded the Bavarian Fire Service Medal for 25 or 40 years of active service, get an infinite valid golden honorary card.

So far, 30 counties and independent cities contribute to the action, in which others join steadily. This order is also a special honor for All About Cards.

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