Gift cards for special experiences

No matter if a dinner in the sky, a mediaeval feast, a city-trip for two or a ride on a camel – MYDAYS, the expert for events, will fulfill every wish. Themed with "giving magical moments" you can surprise your friends, colleagues or family members with great presents out of a huge assortment of 800 different events at 7.000 different places. If you can’t make a decision, it’s not a problem, just let the presentee choose.

Magic Cards with packaging

MYDAYS and All About Cards worked together and implemented nice gift cards, the so called magic cards, and high quality gift packaging. You can get these cards with various graded amounts of money. Every card is personalized with a scratch off panel that covers the personal code. This is necessary to convert the voucher online.

That’s special about the packaging: The overpack is a folded card with removable eurohole suspender, where the card is fixed. This makes it an eye-catching moment at the POS.

You can remove the suspender after purchasing from the packaging and assemble it to the handy folded card before giving it away. A breaking packaging idea for a special present.

 Are you interested in gift cards or packagings? Feel free to contact us!